Facts About a6 Envelope Size

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An A6 envelope size is one of the most common envelope sizes. This envelope is a plain, ordinary, day by day 4 3/4-inch x 6 1/2-inch envelope designed for everyday use. These envelopes are quite often the simplest things we cannot do without in our lives. Try producing your own envelopes for every occasion when you are tired of the ordinary and want some postage with pizzazz. You can also surprise your colleagues and friends with unique and creative handmade envelopes.

The a6 envelope size is most often chosen for cards as well as business uses. As a6 envelopes carry something agreeable and not the normal brown envelope that has an unwanted bill, they are pleasant to get. On the other hand, they have flaps that are generally pointed or square, with pointed flaps being applied quite often for cards. The a2 envelopes are the smallest type of the  series while the a10 is the biggest. Another popular size for birthday and other celebration cards are the a7 that holds a 5 X 7 card.

Tips to Choosing a6 Envelope size

a6 Envelope Size

Specific situation is what will determine the type of a6 envelope size you are going to use at any point in time. However, put into consideration the fanciness of the envelope, cost and individual requirements for the envelope. These a6 envelopes are stylish and neat in a situation where you want to send a note. One great thing about this envelope is that it does not occupy much space and it is relatively cheaper and you can get it in various designs.

You have to make sure that your parcel will fit in when buying a6 envelope size. There are a lot of colors and designs available in the market today while there are a lot of factors that will determine your choice. The more stylist and decorated the envelope, the more attractive and expensive. You should also consider the content you are putting in the envelope as it must suit the expectations of the recipient.

Considerations for Selecting a6 Envelope size

The use to which you are putting your envelope is imperative to selecting one. Consider the whole process beginning from how the parcel is to be delivered, the content as well as the recipient. No matter how small the size of that item may be, there are some items that you cannot put in this envelope under consideration. In addition, the size, content and weight must also be considered. You have to select a6 envelopes that will be suitable for a long distance. Avoid materials that can tear easily and choose attractive colors for the fact that it is the color you choose for your envelope that will convey the meaning of your parcel.

The need of your organization is another factor you must consider when choosing the type of a6 envelope size you are going to use. If you are buying the envelope for use in the office, you must consider the tasks you want to achieve with the envelopes. For example, there are some mail contents prepared to request debtors to settle what they owe as the others are meant to wish the customers well. These envelope types must come in diverse designs.

A6 Envelope Size

Consequently, make sure that you take office need for a6 envelopes into consideration as this can save your organization some bulks.

The quality of the a6 envelope size is also essential. Hence, choose good quality types of envelopes. Keep away from featherweight paper that can tear easily. Consider using opaque if you want to promote privacy. For this purpose, you can opt for envelopes that will meet your demand extensively.

However, if you are a creative person, you can make your a6 envelope size. All you need to do is to equip yourself with necessary tools including a pair of scissors, ruler, glue stick; some spray adhesive, envelope template as well as scoring instrument. You can get some of the materials for your card around you. The wrapping paper, scrapping paper or basic colored card stock, fabric or even pages from a favorite magazine will work. Get your envelope decorated with hand drawn designs or stickers.

Make a template for your a6 envelope size. However, when contemplating on the materials for your envelope, you have two alternatives. You either create a template of your own or download a free template from any of the available from any of the available websites. Open up a standard a6 size envelope to create your own template. Peel the glued seams of the envelope gently and flatten out. Place the open envelope under heavy object for some hours to flatten totally.

Furthermore, trace the pattern of the a6 envelope size onto your desired paper and cut out. Take the ruler and line it up where the folds will be, using the envelope template as a guide. Then trace the lines, score and make the folds on those lines that you drew. The next step is to fold the two side flaps in – the top flap down and the lower up. Fold the bottom flap up, glue the bottom-half of the side flaps and press for the glue to stick. Do not put glue to the top flap until you are prepared to send mail.

Run a glue stick across the top and press seal, if you need to seal the envelope before hand delivery or mailing. On the other hand, you can make your sealing glue for more flavor-filled approach.

The a6 envelope size is great for personal and office use. You can buy the envelope in the market and you can decide to do it yourself once you have all the necessary tools required. This envelope is quite different from the ordinary brown with unwanted bill. When thinking of buying this type of envelope, consider the need, the use and the quality of the envelope before you buy. In a nutshell, when it comes to buying a6 envelope, quality must not be compromised. The bottom line is that you need to buy or make envelopes that will suit your budget and requirements.


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